Why join the Equal Equestrian Family?


Dressage Training

Whether you want to progress through the USDF levels or just learn to be an effective and understandable riding partner to your horse

Correct flatwork training teaches your horse to use his body as effectively as possible for the purpose of carrying the additional weight of the rider, promoting strength, suppleness and longevity in your horse regardless of your chosen discipline

Jumping and Eventing

Improve your jumping technique and performance as well as you and your horses confidence over fences, poles and with gridwork exercises

Working Equitation

We practice the obstacles for Working Equitation regularly to add variety to our horses routine and skills. We also have a WE trainer come for monthly lessons at SHEC for anyone interested in pursuing the sport

Horse Communication

Groundwork, Liberty, Trail riding and Obstacles

Keep your horse happy and engaged with a variety of activities including groundwork, liberty, trail riding and obstacles

Competitions, beach rides and other adventures!

To have fun working with your horse and better still,
feel like your horse is having as much fun as you are!