Why join the Equal Equestrian Family?


  • Build a partnership built on trust and understanding with your horse

  • Teaches your horse to take responsibility for his/her own role in your partnership

  • How to be a rider your horse loves, to be in balance and to use your body correctly to make their job as easy as possible

  • To be as safe as possible including what to do in an emergency when necessary!

  • How to refine your cues to increase your horses responsiveness

  • How to go forward with your energy, turn with your body and slow down with your breathing!

Dressage Training

Whether you want to progress through the USDF levels or just learn to be an effective and understandable riding partner to your horse

Correct flatwork training teaches your horse to use his body as effectively as possible for the purpose of carrying the additional weight of the rider, promoting strength, suppleness and longevity in your horse regardless of your chosen discipline

Jumping and Eventing

Improve your jumping technique and performance as well as you and your horses confidence over fences, poles and with gridwork exercises

Horse Communication

  • How to not only listen to your horse, but to understand what they are trying to communicate to you

  • How to communicate effectively with your horse in a way they can understand

Groundwork, Liberty, Trail riding and Obstacles

Keep your horse happy and engaged with a variety of activities including groundwork, liberty, trail riding and obstacles

5* Full service care (pasture or stall)

  • Nutritional support including feeding of grain and supplements and quality hay multiple times a day (no cubes!)

  • Additional stall cleanings and cleaning of water troughs when necessary

  • Daily turnouts for stalled horses

  • Any necessary medical treatment (e.g. cold hosing/wound cleaning/hoof polticing etc)

  • Logging, arranging and being present for annual vaccinations/teeth floats

  • 6 weekly farrier visits including hand holding where necessary

  • Chiropractic, bodywork and holistic approach to veterinary care as well as traditional veterinary medicine

  • 12 month worming program (2x all round wormer 2 x faecal count)

  • Monthly weight tape records 1st day every month

  • Monthly sand clear program (10 days out of every month)

  • All horses treated and loved like they're my own!

  • Well prepared plan in the event of fire and emergency evacuation

Competitions, beach rides and other adventures!

To have fun working with your horse and better still, feel like your horse is having as much fun as you are!